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Tailboard session search for term

See safety talk.

Tailgate session search for term

A tailgate session is a brief, informal gathering of an outdoor work crew to discuss the work site and the job plan. It is an opportunity to review sun safety issues.  Also see safety talk.

Task analysis search for term

See job safety analysis.

Threshold limit value (TLV) search for term

A threshold limit value is an occupational exposure limit (OEL) produced by the ACGIH. It represents the level of a substance (for example the concentration of a chemical in the air or dose of radiation) to which a worker can be exposed day after day over a working lifetime without developing adverse health effects. It is based only on the scientific evidence regarding health effects and does not take into account economic or technical feasibility. For ultraviolet (UV) radiation, the TLV is based on threshold data (the minimum exposure required) for both erythema and photokeratitis. A curve representing a limiting value for exposure at each wavelength in the UV spectrum was developed, with the lowest dose being 30 J/m2 at 270 nm. This is equivalent to approximately 1.0 to 1.3 SED, which is approximately one-half of an MED for a fair skinned person (i.e. skin type I or II). There is also a TLV for heat stress and this is based on the wet bulb globe temperature.

Tinting search for term

The windows of work vehicles may be tinted, or coloured, to reduce the transmission of solar UV radiation through the glass. This is often done by applying a window film consisting of layers of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a polyester resin. Window tinting is an effective engineering control, with studies showing a UV reduction of more than 99% when films have been attached to the side and back windows of vehicles. However, there can be restrictions on the use of tinting in some jurisdictions due to safety and visibility concerns.

Training search for term

Training is an administrative control. It is a form of education that usually focusses on correct behavior as the desired outcome. A sun safety program will have training elements.

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