Glossary beginning with G

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General duty search for term

A general duty is an open-ended duty found in legislation that does not mention a specific hazard or control. Its purpose is to cover hazards and controls not mentioned in the regulations. A general duty usually uses phrases such as ‘take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances’, ‘take all reasonable care’ or ‘do everything reasonable practicable.’ It requires an on-going assessment of risk. Even if sun safety is not mentioned in an occupational health and safety Act or Regulation, a person with a general duty will have an obligation to control exposure to the sun where the risk warrants it.

Glare search for term

Glare refers to reflected light from smooth and/or light colored surfaces, including water, snow and ice. As a result of glare, sunlight can cause eye conditions even in winter (such as photokeratitis).

Globe temperature (GT) search for term

Globe temperature is a measure of radiant heat within a workplace environment. It is one of three temperatures that combine to produce the wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT).

Guideline search for term

A guideline is a standard that is not law in itself. It can take many forms, such as a code, a protocol, or a formalized practice. A guideline can have legal impact in two ways – if the guideline is adopted by reference into an Act or a regulation (its content then becomes law), or if it is used in an argument about what is ‘reasonable’ when considering due diligence.

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