Glossary beginning with B

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Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) search for term

Basal cell carcinoma are the most common form of skin cancer in people. They arise from keratinocytes in the skin and are described as being a non-melanoma skin cancer. They develop more frequently with age and are common on the face, scalp and neck. Exposure to the sun causes BCC. They are often initially noticed as a lump or sore on the skin that does not heal.

Broad spectrum sunscreen search for term

A broad spectrum sunscreen is effective for both the UVA and UVB portions of ultraviolet radiation.

Buddy system search for term

An employee working in the sun may not be aware that they are developing a bad sunburn, or that they are showing early signs of heat stress. A co-worker may spot the problem first. A ’buddy system’ is an informal measure introduced by a supervisor where everyone is informed and motivated to assist in early detection of sun safety problems in themselves and their colleagues.

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