Core is the first step of the Model Sun Safety Program. It provides a foundation for the sun safety program. The core elements influence all other elements of the program.


A sun safety policy is an occupational health and safety (OHS) policy statement about a workplace’s commitment to being sun safe. It is the critical first step to developing a sun safety program. Whatever approach you take, it is important to include sun safety at a policy-level when addressing OHS hazards .

Graphic outlining components of a Sun Safety Policy

If you already have a policy , it will need to be reviewed.


Effective communication is key. A workplace needs a well-established and documented system of OHS communication. This includes identifying what, when and how information is communicated, who is involved, and who the information is communicated to.


 Active participation of workers and representatives from across the organization and at all levels is an important aspect of a sun safety program . An occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) requires a lot of employee involvement because workers have a lot to gain from a successful OHSMS, and they have the most to lose if the system fails. Workers usually know the most about their jobs and the hazards in doing their work. Therefore, active participation by workers in OHS, and sun safety in particular is important. This can be done through:1

  • Opportunities to be involved in the design and implementation of the sun safety program
  • Access to information on how to effectively contribute to the sun safety program and to be sun safe 
  • Reporting health and safety concerns, including an incident of sun exposure

Build Your Own Program Tips

Get Buy-In

Commitment, leadership and effective participation are critical for a success sun safety program. It is important to have buy-in and involvement from management, workers, the health and safety committee, and others (for example, union representatives). Take the time to talk to everyone involved and address any concerns. Getting buy-in requires highlighting the legal requirements for the sun safety program and making the business case for why sun safety is needed.

Start a Sun Safety Working Group

This is a way to get and maintain buy-in. It also helps to make sure the sun safety srogram is useful and relevant to everyone at the workplace.


The next step in the Model Sun Safety Program is Step 2: Plan