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Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) search for term

A Job Hazard Analysis is a process to identify which portions of an employee’s duties contain hazards, including items, events, and activities. JHA in the case of sun safety should identify which employees have sun exposure as a hazard and which portions of an employee’s duties involve sun exposure. It is a broader technique than job safety analysis (task analysis), which examines a specific assigned task for its hazards and existing controls.

Job observation search for term

Job observation refers to the generic technique of observing a task being performed to determine whether training is being applied that ensures working is done safely.

Job planning search for term

In some workplaces job planning refers to the activities that engineers might engage in prior to a work crew being dispatched to a site.  In the context of a sun safety program, we mean the activities engaged in by the supervisor at a work site prior to employees commencing work on that particular day. It usually precedes an activity such as a safety talk. A supervisor’s job planning is most effective when there is consultation with employees.

Job safety analysis (JSA) search for term

Job safety analysis (task analysis) is a technique which focuses on the hazards involved in a particular assigned task. It is a technique to be used where the task has already been identified as a task involving a hazard. The goal of the JSA is to identify and eliminate the parts of the task that are particularly hazardous. The goal is to end up with a set of simple and safe steps that are often call standard operating procedures or safe operating procedures. It is a narrower technique that job hazard analysis.

Jurisdiction search for term

Jurisdiction is the area or subject matter that is under the authority or control of someone or something. In law, there are three main types of jurisdiction. Geographic jurisdiction refers to an area that is under a legal authority, such as a level of government. Subject matter jurisdiction refers to the subject matter area that is under the authority or control of someone or something. Administrative jurisdiction refers to how a level of government allocates its own subject matter jurisdiction between its Ministries or Departments. Occupational health and safety as a subject matter is split between federal and provincial jurisdiction depending on whether a workplace is constitutionally a federally regulated workplace or a provincially regulated workplace. Occupational health and safety legislation of a province applies only to the area of that province on a map. Federal geographic jurisdiction covers the map of Canada. Workers’ compensation is not considered the same subject matter constitutionally as occupational health and safety. Workers’ compensation is under provincial jurisdiction

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