Small Employers

We recognize that staying on top of occupational health and safety (OHS) can be difficult for small businesses. However, all jurisdictions have minimum OHS requirements for employers.

The basis of all OHS within a workplace is a health and safety policy. This is a written commitment from the employer that outlines how they will approach health and safety.

Depending on the number of employees, an occupational health and safety program (OHSP) may also be required. This is a version of an occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) that is more manageable for smaller workplaces. The health and safety program of each workplace will be unique to the hazards found in the workplace.

Small businesses with outdoor workers should recognize the sun as a workplace hazard and implement processes to keep workers safe as part of their health and safety program.

Across jurisdictions, some elements are common to all health and safety programs. Elements of our Model Sun Safety Program align to these common elements. We developed a fact sheet for small employers to help build a more manageable version of a sun safety program. The table below helps to link small workplaces to the relevant pages on this website:  

Common Elements of a Health & Safety Program

Model Sun Safety Program Elements

OHS Policy/Policy Statement

Sun Safety Policy

Assign responsibilities, accountabilities and authorities for OHS matters and the program

Responsibility, Accountability & Authority

Responsibilities of and support for the health and safety representative/officer or committee

Role of the health and safety committee

Legal and other requirements

Identification and assessment of workplace hazards

Sun safety risk assessment

Control measures to eliminate or reduce the risks from the hazards identified

Do-Control Measures


Inspection program

Workplace Inspections

Worker training and education

Sun Safe Administrative Controls (including training & education)

Emergency preparedness, including first aid requirements

Sun Safety First Aid and Incident Notification

Incident reporting and investigation

Incident reporting and investigation