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The technical term for fainting is syncope, which is a temporary loss of consciousness as a result of a lowered supply of blood to the brain. Also see Heat syncope.

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A federal workplace is a workplace to which Part II of the Canada Labour Code applies. Occupational health and safety legislation in the federal jurisdiction has been consolidated under this Part of the Canada Labour Code. The Code applies to the following workplaces:

  • Banks;
  • Railways, cross-border highway transportation (trucking, busing, courier)
  • Air transportation (airlines and airports);
  • Cross-border ferries, tunnels and bridges
  • Canals;
  • Telecommunications (telephone, radio and television broadcasting and cable systems;
  • Cross-border pipelines;
  • Sipping and shipping services;
  • Employment in the operation of ships, trains and aircraft;
  • Grain elevators licensed by the Canadian Grain Commission, and certain feed mills and feed warehouses, flour mills, and grain seed cleaning plants;
  • Federal public service and persons employed by the public service and about 40 Crown corporations and agencies;
  • Indian reserves; and
  • Exploration and development of petroleum on lands subject to federal jurisdiction (the territories).
First aid search for term

First aid involves steps that workplace parties can take immediately when they detect harm in order to reduce the effects of exposure. It is usually distinguished from ’medical aid’ which involves assistance from health care professionals.  The workers’ compensation bodies in each province and territory in Canada will have a definition of first aid.

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